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Things I remember (in 2018)

Three of us were watching firework in the cold, I couldn’t feel more blessed for what I was having, for people that came and stayed in my life. Whatever good or bad ones, I’m glad you came.

The last sunset of my 22 that we shared together in Queen Elizabeth. With you, I’m never afraid of revealing my silly deepest thoughts.

Those beautiful careless days in Tofino, no wifi, no social shits, just me, the sea and my soul mate in a small town. If I was a superhero, you would be my best sidekick ever.

I went blonde. Somehow I always end up with doing things I used to hate.

It was 11:58pm, June 27th, you messaged me asking whether we could talk over phone for a while after few years not keeping in touch. Since that night, calling you became on of my before-bed routine till now.

That summer night when we were lying down next to one another, on the ground, under the moonlight, by the beach, I was too high in this lost scenario. We were listening to Bon Iver when you kissed me.

When everyone tells you not to leave, you stay.

There were two angels walked into my life. They are Bill and Fred.

Knowing all you want is to see me healthy, having the food I like makes me hate myself for being so selfish all those time. I need to be a better person, I will never stop becoming a better person, for you.

You say I’m the best thing. I hope it is true.

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